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• 5/4/23 | New article! On Alt-Tech and the Parallel Economy

• 11/10/22 | Updated Homepage, Hardware I use and Software I use pages

• 9/23/22 | New additions to the Software I use page, reformatted it for easier reading

• 8/20/22 | New article! Some Thoughts About Serial Experiments Lain


Main YouTube channel where I upload random technology related videos.

Rumble channel which is a mirror of the main YouTube channel. (WIP)

Odysee channel which serves the same purpose as the Rumble channel. (WIP)

Second YouTube channel where I upload Touhou doujin music and anime soundtrack albums, maybe other music in the future.

Twitch channel which is unused so far, but I might stream here eventually. Not a big fan of the streaming format though so it's unlikely.


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